Spinal Surgery - Food for Thought

I’m Dr. Mark Wolgin, an orthopedic surgeon in Albany, GA. Many non-surgical treatment options are typically available for issues concerning the neck and spine. Even concerns like a herniated disc can often be successfully treated by non-surgical methods. I specialize in orthopedic surgery (spine surgery and neck surgery) as well as surgery for the foot and ankle. I am a am a spine surgeon but I always review alternative treatments with my patients.

Orthopedic surgeon Albany Ga

Patients Treated as I Would Want to be Treated

When a new patient comes to me with back pain or neck pain I treat them as I would want to be treated. I start with a non-operative approach whenever possible, offering surgical care only when needed. If surgery is necessary I have a focus on minimally invasive techniques, where the surgery is done through small tubular retractors, without big incisions. Of course any treatment option will depend on the needs of the particular patient. The patient or an authorized family member will always have final control over treatment decisions.

Neck surgery

MRI Second Opinion

I am also available to patients in and around Albany GA for a second opinion of an MRI. Please call for details. Your MRI will be reviewed, and then the impressions can be discussed in a follow up phone call. For any person interested in this offer please visit my website at www.drwolgin.com and navigate to the MRI review offered on the website. A form is available that can be completed.

Please go to the website at www.drwolgin.com for more details on a second-opinion MRI review and other information about spine, ankle and foot surgery and please feel free to call me with any questions related to information provided here or on my website. I would be happy to talk with you. The number again is (229) 883-4707 and ask for Dr. Wolgin. My website is: http://www.drwolgin.com

Call Our Office Today!

Please feel free to contact our office today to see how we can help your pain. If I am not available, I also have a partner, Dr. Jason Potocki, who is also a fellowship (extra year) trained spine surgeon, who could possibly help you as well. Aside from my spinal training, I also did a fellowship in foot/ankle surgery. My other partners in Orthopaedic Associates are all excellent physicians and they are available for help if there are issues with areas in the body aside from spine and foot/ankle. Regardless of what the medical issue is please feel free to call our office. We’re here to help!

Our office number is (229) 883-4704. Thank you.

How to Find Additional Online Information

There is a lot of related information available online. Some key search terms are: Orthopedic surgeon Albany Ga, Orthopedic surgery, Herniated disc, Back surgery, Spine surgery, Spinal surgeon, Back pain, Neck pain, Foot surgery, MRI. I hope this has been helpful. Thank you.


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